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Women's health shouldn't be complicated.

You deserve to feel heard and understood by your doctor. 


Women's health concerns are often overlooked. Sometimes it even takes decades to find an answer to your hormonal troubles! 

While women are complex creatures (I should know, I am one!), your healthcare doesn't have to be. 
You're the boss of your body and it's time to build you a healthcare team that recognizes that. 

You're in the right place if you:


Are experiencing some of the hidden effects of hormonal contraceptives


Want to go beyond treating symptoms and find the root cause of your hormonal concerns


Want to tap into your inner feminine intuition and get your natural cycles back


Want to know where your energy, libido and clear skin disappeared to

Success Guide for PMS Free Cycles

Do you know that feeling where your mood swings, irritability, fatigue, cravings and weight fluctuations make you feel like you're going crazy?​

It's not you! It's your hormones. 

Let's figure out why your PMS is holding you back with this free guide. 

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Best Friends

I meet you where you're at

Good health is life changing, and it starts with laying a strong foundation.

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I'm Dr. Maya Matthews

I’m a Naturopathic Doctor with an immense passion for empowering women with knowledge about their own hormones and cycles so that together we can eliminate period troubles and get them to feel like themselves again.

By finding the root cause of your health concerns, and by treating the whole person, we can work as a team to help the body heal itself and reclaim your power.


Common Questions

Do I have to stop eating gluten?!


No, not everyone will have to cut out gluten, but there are a few cases where gluten truly is causing major problems. The two biggest examples of this is celiac disease and autoimmune conditions.


I work with patients to find the root cause of their concerns and to remove any barriers that might be in the way of them being in their best form of health. If gluten or dairy or any other major food is in the way of you being your healthiest self, then thats something we can chat about. Ultimately, it's YOUR body and you're the boss, I'm just your guide on this journey.

Do you do virtual appointments?

I sure do! I currently offer both virtual and in-person appointments for people living in BC, Canada.


Sometimes it's more convenient for my patients to chat with me from the comfort of their own home. It means no need to commute, find parking or find a baby sitter! At the time of your appointment, you'll get an email notification from our booking app and it will give you clear instructions on how to connect to your visit virtually.

Will I have to take a ton of supplements?


Supplements are a great way to correct health concerns that are caused by nutrient deficiencies.


I prescribe supplements only to support the natural processes of the body, and not to completely take over the body's mechanisms.


My approach to treatment involves taking fewer supplements, and for a shorter duration of time. I focus more on wholistic and supportive formulas such as lifestyle, diet and herbal medicine adjustments.

Are visits covered by health insurance?

Naturopathic Medicine is considered private health care, meaning that its not fully covered by Medical Services Plan (MSP) the same way that your walk-in clinic visit is.


Fortunately, many extended health benefit plans offer coverage for Naturopathic Physicians along with many other wholistic healthcare providers. Check in with your plan provider to see what exactly is covered and how you can maximize the amount of care you receive!

Our Approach

First Office Visit 

This will be the start of your health journey!


During this visit we will discuss your health concerns, your goals and desired outcomes and take a detailed look at any obstacles in your way to health.


At the end of the visit I will present you with a base treatment plan to get you started on your journey.

Comprehensive Follow Up
This appointment is typically 3-6 weeks after the first office visit.


We will check in on your progress, review more lab work if needed and further customize your personalized treatment plan.


These appointments occur after the Comprehensive Follow Up and are to monitor your progress and adjust our treatment strategy as your life and health evolves.


Strategy Planning Check In

These appointments occur after the Comprehensive Follow Up and are to monitor your progress and adjust our treatment strategy as your life and health evolves.


Accountability and Maintenance ​

We've got everything dialled in and your set on your path to becoming your true self again!


We may check in periodically every 3-6 months to make minor tweaks, but you're leading your best life again!

Naturopathic doctors (NDs) treat patients as individuals by addressing the physical, environmental, lifestyle, and emotional aspects of health.

This allows NDs to find and treat the cause of the disease, and not just symptoms, using a variety of therapies.

- Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors

Come visit me in person or online and lets work together to be your best version of health. 

Start your health journey now

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