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We do things differently here

Treating women's health concerns with a whole-body focus

I get it, you're tired of being told by your doctors that your symptoms are 'a normal part of being a woman'. 

You're tired of being offered yet another form of birth control or anti-anxiety medication. 

You're tired of being at the mercy of your hormones. 

I believe you because I've been there too.


Using my unique approach to care as a Naturopathic Doctor, we treat your whole body and get you feeling like yourself again.  


Work with me

Choose your path below for a comprehensive health experience that feels good for you



The Three-phase approach to recover after hormonal contraceptives and heal your hormones naturally.


Private Client Care

Using my unique Hormone Reclaim Method to treat hormonal health, we work closely together to craft a customized plan for you.


VIP Level support

Merging both the RECOVER Program and Private Care, we get the highest level of  support to help move you towards your goals.

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Start your health journey today

Not sure where to start? Book a complimentary hormone repair call to gain clarity on your next steps
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