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Courses & Mini-Trainings

Dr. Maya Matthews, a naturopathic doctor passionate about empowering women with knowledge about their own hormones and cycles, sits on a tree stump in nature. She is wearing a white blouse, teal shirt, and boots, and is writing in a notebook while smiling in the sun. The natural surroundings provide a peaceful backdrop for the photo.

You've been googling and researching and following all the latest health trends but you just can't quite seem to fix your hormonal problems! 

Lemme tell you, I have totally been there! I even had a Google Chrome bookmarks folder labelled "Health" dedicated to blog articles and Pinterest posts about periods and PMS. All it did was make me feel more overwhelmed and confused. Where am I supposed to start? How do I do this on my own?

That's why I created these educational courses and mini-trainings! To help you be a step ahead of your hormones and finally get to the bottom of things.

I can't give any individualized treatments unless I've seen you as a patient and I truly know you and your whole health history. So just double-check with a doc that knows you well before trying anything new.

If you're in BC, Canada and looking for a rad doc who truly understands women's health, then I'm your gal! These courses are fantastic to do at the same time as receiving individualized treatment with me! 

Feel free to book a discovery call and see how I can help you get started.


Courses & Mini-Trainings

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