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The front cover of the quiz features a woman standing in the sun in the forest with her arms stretched overhead. The image is designed to evoke a sense of freedom, vitality, and connection to nature. The quiz is written by Dr. Maya Matthews, a naturopathic doctor passionate about empowering women with natural solutions for hormone balance, PMS, heavy periods, cramps, and more. Visit to take the quiz and discover your personalized recommendations for optimal health.
​Does this sound familiar?

  • Are your heavy periods making you bail on adventures?

  • Are you lashing out at your partner for no reason?

  • Does your ass-dragging fatigue put an end to your productive day?

  • Are you embarrassed to leave the house without makeup because of your acne?

  • Are your cramps so bad that you're popping painkillers just to function properly at work?

The big question is: What hormones are causing these problems?

Take the quiz to find out your Hormone Imbalance.
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