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Connecting with Your Cycle Phases

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

There are cycles all throughout nature. The moon, the tides, the seasons...

It's not a surprise that menstruating women also experience the effects of these cycles.

This post is meant to act as a general guide to help bring awareness to changes that some women may feel during their menstrual cycle.

But first, let's start with understanding the days of our cycle.

Day 1 of true menstruation (not just spotting, but the first day of your true bleed) is considered day 1 of your whole cycle.

Menstruation - Reflective Phase - Winter Time

Days 1-6 (approximately)

This is a time when your energy is brought inwards, your hormones are at their lowest and you are gathering up your reserves to last through your monthly ‘winter time', getting ready for the spring to come.

With your energy inwards, this is a time for you to reflect on, and release anything that no longer serves you. Your body is literally releasing and letting go of what it no longer needs this month.

You may find you are more introverted, creative, insightful and ready for renewal at this point in your cycle.

Movements during this time:

Gentle walking, nature time and gentle yoga.

Personal work:

Self-care and nurturing practices

Follicular - Dynamic Phase - Spring Time

Days 7-13 (approximately)

Ah the lovely spring, after the winter of mensuration. You might notice more outward, extroverted, and expansive energy at this time.

You are stepping into your independence and the boldness of this cycle. This is an amazing time for social events and connecting with others. Your fertile window is opening and you’re radiance is empowering and captivating!

Use this time to plan for what's to come in the near future, and use your newfound clarity and freshness.

Movements during this time:

Cardio and group runs or bike rides are fantastic choices for this time of the cycle.

Personal work:

Make strides towards your goals and stoke your fire

Ovulation - Expressive Phase - Summer Time

Days 14-20 (approximately)

You are at your most sensual and radiant at this time.

This is an amazing phase to ask for what you truly desire, like that salary raise, or a new job, or maybe speaking up to a loved one about your relationship wishes.

As these new opportunities come towards you, bring your awareness to what you want to step up and receive.

Movements during this phase:

Try out some high-intensity strength training, and interval training and bring out your power! Join a group kickboxing class or do try some powerlifting.

Personal work:

Do something challenging that scares you, your confidence will help you face your fear

Luteal Phase - Creative Phase - Fall Time

Days 21-28 (approximately)

Your energy is starting to draw inward again in preparation for winter, but you’re not quite there yet!

Think of the beautiful colours of the fall leaves, this is a time for you to be creative, and use your intuition and your dreams to guide you. Consider journaling, daydreaming and making a vision board to bring the non-physical ideas into this physical space.

Use this time to look back on the last month and reflect on what direction you are going, give yourself time to process this.

As you wind down into comfortable introversion, try to avoid making any social commitments at this time, you may find you are less tolerant of others’ energy.

Movements during this time:

Movements that are intuitive or help your inner feminine energy flow, like yoga, pilates or dance

Personal work:

Dive deep into yourself and reconnect to your purpose

How to start checking in on your cycle phases

Getting in touch with your cycle is both a powerful and an empowering feeling. You can get started by using your period tracker app to get a sense of what day of your cycle you are on.

Make note of how you feel each week and check in with yourself to see what you need most at that time.

If you'd like to take a deeper dive into understanding your hormones and your cycle, you're welcome to book a discovery call with me!

All the best,

Dr. Maya :)

As always, the information on this website is intended for educational purposes only. It is not intended as a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your Naturopathic Doctor or other qualified healthcare provider with any questions you may have regarding your health and before making any changes to your treatment plan.


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