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Tired of dealing with difficult PMS and periods every month?


Does this sound like you?

Reclaim Your Cycles

Embrace your Feminine Power and Overcome Period Troubles

6 Week Live Experience 

During this 6 week live experience, you will...

Connect with like-minded women to create a powerful circle for healing. 

Walk away from each lesson feeling more knowledgeable about your body and empowered to make autonomous health choices.

Understand that your uncomfortable symptoms may be your body trying to get your attention for a deeper issue. 

Learn that root cause treatment is one of the few ways to make lasting health changes. 

Course Outline

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Reclaim your Cycles is an education-based course that will empower women to make health-based choices through knowledge about their hormones. 

Meet your Hormones

  • Understand how the body uses symptoms to get your attention.

  • Deeper dive into menstrual phases.

  • Common period issues and the hormones causing the imbalance. 

  • Science lesson: what exactly is a period?

Stress and your Hormones

  • Impact of stress on your hormones.

  • Understand your body's physical signs of stress.

  • Lifestyle and supplement tips to bring down the stress levels in your life to give your hormones a break.

Decode your Cycle

  • Why the Birth Control Pill can't actually fix your hormones. 

  • Charting your cycle and cycle syncing. 

  • What to know for hormone testing. 

Liver Health and Metabolism

  • How your liver detoxification impacts your period. 

  • Kickstarting your metabolism by supporting thyroid and blood sugar management. 

  • Lifestyle and supplements to give your liver the love it needs so it can focus on your hormone health. 

Nutrition for your Hormones

  • Hormone supporting foods. 

  • Hormone disrupting foods. 

  • Get to know hormone supporting supplements and what they can help with.

Lifestyle Changes for your Periods

  • How sleep impacts your hormones. 

  • Exercise and your period. 

  • Environmental toxins and their effect on your hormones. 

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Presented by Tamala Francis,
Founder & CEO at Francis & Co.

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