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Tired of feeling like the birth control pill or IUD ruined your life?

Does this sound like you?

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You were put on the pill or IUD to 'fix your hormones', but now we know better...

I see patients daily who have had their health concerns dismissed, brushed aside, or mistreated for years.


This is because the typical approach to treating hormone health is to zoom in on hormones. 


But when we have a narrow focus on hormones only, and ignore all the other aspects of health that impact hormones, we are doing women a disservice!

Any of these familiar?

Irregular cycles

You never know when your period is coming. You're always paying attention to 'phantom' signs that your period is approaching, like cramps or moodiness. Maybe you're carrying around tampons with you and avoiding white clothing 'just in case'.

Painful Periods

Periods that are so painful that Advil doesn't touch it, and you had to get a prescription from your doc for pain meds. You're taking 1-2 days each month off work and you're too embarrassed to tell your boss the real reason why you can't come into work.

Acne Breakouts

It feels like you're breaking out like a 15-year-old boy! You feel way too old to still get acne, but here you are, with another fresh zit on your chin, right before an important work meeting.

PMS Mood Swings

You spend half your month on an emotional rollercoaster, and your poor husband is walking on eggshells trying not to wake the sleeping dragon. It could be doom and gloom clouds making you cry about everything or the fiery rage that has you shooting daggers and picking fights with your partner.

Weight Gain

All of a sudden, it's like a switch flipped and you're gaining the extra pounds despite working out more than ever. You can't remember the last time you felt sexy naked, and even a loving bum grab by your partner has you feeling self-conscious about your looks. 


RECOVER: Life After Birth Control

The 3 phase approach to recover from birth control, tackle difficult periods, and balance your hormones for good.

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Book your complimentary Hormone Repair Call to see if this program is the perfect fit for you. 

Ready to dive right in? Skip the call and start today!

This program is crafted specifically to help women who are:

  • Currently taking the pill or hormonal IUD and want to come off 

  • Transitioning between hormonal contraceptives (ie from the pill to the IUD) 

  • Currently experiencing symptoms of Post Birth Control Syndrome 

  • Struggling with difficult periods, moods and energy and want to treat their hormones naturally

During this self paced video program you will...

Walk away from each lesson feeling more knowledgeable about your body and empowered to make autonomous health choices.

Understand that your uncomfortable symptoms may be your body trying to get your attention for a deeper issue. 

Learn how to work with your hormones instead of suppressing them.

How it works

If you want to impact your health, you need a full-body approach. 

I don't know about you, but even if I was doing all the 'healthy period' fixes like drinking period tea, using cramp relief cream and eating my seed cycling power balls, I still didn't notice a shift until I took a step back and looked and how my body was working as a whole. 

The RECOVER Methodology takes your whole body into account using these 3 main pillars. 

Pillar One: Hormonal Health 

Painful heavy periods, wild PMS, hormonal weight gain and ass-dragging fatigue are all caused by your hormones being out of wack.

By optimizing your hormones, you'll get to a point where you can understand the signs your body is giving you, tap into your cyclical fluctuations and work with your hormones instead of against them.

Pillar Two: Digestion and Detox 

Most of us are plagued by unreliable digestion. Bloating after meals making you feel 6 months pregnant, tummy pain for no apparent reason, inconsistent poops and embarrassing gas.

Did you know that the effectiveness of your digestion and detoxification abilities determines how bad your periods and cycles are?

If we can't properly digest our food to build hormones or detoxify our excess hormones, then we're setting ourselves up for failure!

Pillar Three: Stress Resiliency 

Do you ever get hit by something stressful at work and feel like you can't shake the feeling of what happened? Maybe you're trying to fall asleep but keep getting caught in cyclical thoughts and rumination, or you're extra jumpy and jolt when you hear a car door slam outside. 

Being in a stressed state essentially shuts down both digestion and hormones. Which is why that period tea never worked if you're constantly stressed out.

Course Outline

Empowerment. Connection. Badass-ery. 

RECOVER is an education-based course that will empower women to make health-based choices through knowledge about their hormones. 

Program contents:

  • Easy to follow 12-week approach to healing your periods after birth control

  • Lifetime access to hours of video content, handouts, checklists and recipe books.

  • Two Naturopathic assessment calls for complete customization of your treatment protocol (VIP level)

Intro to hormones

Phase 1:
Before coming off birth control

Contraception options

Phase 2:
Coming off birth control

Hormone balance check in

Phase 3:
Troubleshooting after 6-9 months

Hi, I'm Maya!


My periods were always terrible. I'm talking heavy bleeding, painful cramping and wild PMS. But during my 4 years of undergraduate studies, the stress was too much for my body and my health went downhill. My stomach hurt all the time, I had awful bloating and was always trying to cover my abdomen with baggy shirts.


My doc sent me to a gut specialist and they said 'everything was normal'. I went to another specialist, got various blood tests and again, 'everything was normal, these are typical concerns for a woman your age'.


Umm excuse me!? 'Typical concerns for a woman' should not be the answer I was getting from my doctor. I knew I needed to take things into my own hands and during another 4 years of Naturopathic Medical School, I started to heal my body by treating it as a whole and not just focusing on 'broken parts'.

Empowerment, knowledge about our bodies, and reclaiming our hormonal health are pillars that I am immensely passionate about. As a Naturopathic Physician, I work closely with my patients to make them feel seen and heard, and to give them back their autonomy over their own health. 


I firmly believe that the body has the ability to heal itself, all we have to do is listen to what it's experiencing and gently guide it back towards health. 

The powerful and driven women who work with me are here to unleash their inner badass and lead their life in the direction they’ve always wanted to go, without being held back by their periods each month. 

Ready to dive right in? Skip the call and start today!

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Stop getting dragged through life by your cycles.

It's time to put yourself first and reclaim your health. Be the confident, self-assured woman you were meant to be and ditch those difficult cycles.

Skip the call and start today!

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